What we do

We help businesses worldwide reach new levels with the value they get from their information.

Our multidomain Master Data Management platform and related services help our clients create a central repository for their data instead of managing their data siloed in silo systems spread across many departments.

The result is trustworthy data that can be automatically shared with all systems and individuals that need it, be they decision-makers or clients.

Our Story


Stibo Systems was founded in 1976 as a response to a growing demand from organizations all over the world to manage data that was growing exponentially. More and more companies realized that getting to the bottom of this problem was a success factor, and that the solution was Master Data Management (MDM).

At first, our focus was on dominating the product data domain, but we soon realized we had created a solution with far greater capabilities.


Stibo Systems Healthcare enables Patient Safety, Interoperability and Analytics through data quality.

Stibo Systems Healthcare is a subsidiary of Stibo Systems created to address the critical security and safety requirements of enterprise healthcare data while building solutions to handle its unique workflows and disparate sources. Our team of experts works in concert with Stibo Systems at large to ensure consistency and quality across industries and customers, but was specifically chosen for their healthcare tenure to address today’s dire need of data unification and sharing.

What Makes Us Unique

Our award-winning platform - STEP - is truly multidomain. It handles everything from product and location data to customer and employee data.

One solution is all you need to manage multiple domains and realize significantly more value from all your data.


We are stable, privately held, AAA-rated company. We are run as a foundation, which allows us to focus on the long-term development of a strong product and obsess about servicing our clients. All without the interruptions of mergers and acquisitions that are frequently the case in our industry.

Our long history, dating back more than 40 years, coupled with our employees' longer-than-average tenure, mean that we have deep knowledge in a wide range of industries that helps our clients solve almost any MDM challenge.


Our Values

As an established global leader with a rapidly
growing team, it is important that we all share a certain mindset.
These are the values we live by:

People-centric and honest

Our word is our bond and the basis of trust between us and our clients. When we make a promise, we keep it.

Passion for our clients

We measure our success by the success of our customers.

Winning through collaboration and teamwork

In a world of constant change, we strive to be energized by what we achieve as teams.

Empowered to take responsibility and make a diffrence

We empower employees to think independently, to get excited about new ideas and to make it everyone’s responsibility to add value in everything we do.

Humble confidence

We embrace speed and confidence, but never arrogance.

to you?

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Headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark, we continue to open offices all over the world in order to be closer to our clients.