We recognize that your needs may go beyond EMPI and Provider Registry and we're equipped to help you overcome your challenges by becoming your multidomain Master Data Management solution. You've invested time and money into building your data infrastructure and with STEP you can keep these systems intact, enhancing and refining their capabilities.

Our history is steeped in our extensive abilities to take in any type of data from any source, cleanse it, enrich it and distribute it across your enterprise. Your data comes from many systems, including payers, claims clearinghouses, health information exchanges, Electronic Health Records (EHRs) and labs.

We will master your domains by aggregating data from your current solutions into one single view and integrate with your existing technologies and partners such as:



  • Receive and send messages in both HL7 standard and FHIR model for initial bulk loading and ongoing messaging.  We also have many APIs for the querying, response, sending and receiving of data.
  • Clinical and administrative data from Electronic Health Records can be housed in STEP or used to edify patient or provider records from other sources
  • Patient relationship management, referring provider or organization data can be collected from your CRM to improve the patient experience and reduce costs
  • Medical or personal device data can be received by STEP and delivered to an EHR or feed into analytics
  • Analytics and reporting tools that are used to gain insights and plan business strategies can link their data through STEP to minimize risk and error through de-duplication and data merging, ensuring more accurate results.


  • Health Information Exchanges can be connected to STEP to supplement your data and enable providers to make better care decisions and similarly share with other health systems.
  • Accountable Care Organizations can ensure care coordination of the highest quality through data that is managed with consistent patient, payer and provider information